Welcome to the ECRICOME PhD UNIVERSA Programme

The ECRICOME UNIVERSA Doctoral Consortium is currently redesigning the rules, regulations and administrative procedures for the Ph.D programmes delivered by the three ECRICOME schools : ICN Business School, KEDGE Business School, NEOMA Business School
By mid-February, this page will be completely updated and you will have the possibility to get the application, conditions and procedures.
In the meantime, candidates can already inform the Ph.D office on their application intention if they want.

Do you hold a Master’s degree ?

With the ECRICOME PhD UNIVERSA Programme, gain entry to the largest management research group in France and get a PhD degree.

Ecricome is a consortium of 3 major Business Schools in France (all of them are accredited EQUIS and/or AACSB) :

- KEDGE Business School,

- ICN Business School,

- NEOMA Business School,

“Universa PhD offers researchers willing to formulate new approaches to business management an opportunity for developing their arguments through seminars attendance and workshops’ discussions. Supervised at all stages of the program, these students generally defend their thesis after 3 to 5 years. This international program constitutes then a real additional value for entering academic and business world.” ECRICOME Ph.D UNIVERSA director.

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