Préparer le concours Prépa - Quiz Anglais Questions 21 à 30

Quiz Anglais , questions 21 à 30 : exercices de préparation de l’épreuve écrite d’anglais du concours Prépa et littéraires

-21. Choose the correct answer

When the price of the shares _____ on the stock market, we will be able to sell them and get a good return on investment.

-22. Put the words in the correct order

Doing simultaneous translation at an international conference can be a _____ even for highly trained specialists.

-23. Find the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word

When I met them all and we discussed the situation, I thought that Paul was the most sympathetic.

-24. Find the mistake

It is often noticed that when travelling in the UK the most of foreigners complain about the food.

-25. Choose the correct answer

_____ the pouring rain, I managed to see the Queen as she _____to Buckingham Palace.

-26. Looking for synonyms. Which is the odd one out and so doesn’t give the same meaning to the sentence ?

Environmentalists _____huge changes in the weather in the decades to come.

-27. Which word completes this sentence correctly ?

This form must be completed and returned to our office _____ two weeks.

-28. Choose the correct answer

You mustn’t forget _____ a present ; it’s your sister’s birthday tomorrow.

-29. Choose the correct answer

The boss said he’d never experienced _____like what happened to him in China before.

-30. Which structure completes this sentence correctly ?

The authorities should take all necessary measures to prevent terrorists_____their borders.

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