Adilson BORGES, Supervisor within the Ph.D programme

How do you manage to supervise students when the don’t live in France for instance ?

We do have regular contact by e-mail and over the phone. There are many technologies today that allow us to stay in touch during all the Ph.D process (e.g.skype).

How do you manage to evaluate their work ? And how often ?

The dissertation has many different steps and we try to assess all these steps through specific documents. For example, the first year, the student must provide the research problem and the theoritical background that will be used in the dissertation. The timing is different for each step. However, we do have a more formal discussion every two mounths at least

What advice would you give to someone who would intend to apply to this programme ?

Choosing the ECRICOME Ph.D UNIVERSA is very smart. All the schools putting all their strenghts into the program.

What are the strenghts of this program in your opinion ?

This program is unique for three main reasons :

  1. academic quality : developed by 3 of the most prestigious business schools in France, the ECRICOME Ph.D UNIVERSA has great faculty members for relevant research,
  2. international dimension : taughts entirely in English, this program provides the necessary tools for developing high-level scientific research,
  3. diversity : the diversity of the participants’ background blends theoritical knowledge and practical experience for research with ever increasing impact.

What are the research topics that can be developed in the thesis ?

All topics related to management are applicable. Examples are marketing, organizational behavior, strategy, finance, among others. We are looking for thought provoking and cutting-edge research on these fields.

Diego COSTA PINTO and Klaus KURKA, 2nde year students

Why did you decide to join the Universa Ph.D program ?

Diego  : I wanted to do a Ph.D because it would allow me to increase my research skills. Moreover, I was also interested in a degree from a AACSB accredited schools. Many business schools worldwide are considering that while recruiting new faculty.

Klaus : Somehow I want to become more intellectually engaged with and more critically sophisticated in the study of my field of research.

What attracted you most within the framework of the ECRICOME Ph.D UNIVERSA ?

Diego : What attracted me first was the possibility of doing a joint degree within three important French business schools. In addition, in Ph.D Universa we have the possibility to work with top marketing professors as supervisors, such as Adilson Borges, Bernard Cova and Barry Babin.

Klaus : The opportunity to join the ECRICOME Ph.D UNIVERSA part-time coming along with the possibility of still being connected with the "real" working environment, as well as its international orientation are the two main reasons to join the Ph.D

On wich topic are you currently working ?

Diego : Values and Identity-based motivation : Influences on green consumption

Klaus : Not finally narrowed down until today, but in fact something pretty much related with the development of European small and medium companies business in selected emerging markets

How do you manage to combine your studies and you current job ?

Diego : For me, managing the Ph.D and my work load is not a big challenge. As a research assistant in V&P research center, 100 % of activities are research-related, helping me to develop my Ph.D dissertation.

Klaus : In general, managing my studies and my current job is difficult and very time intensive. The good thing about the ECRICOME Ph.D UNIVERSA is the possibility to do the project within 5 years.

What do you plan to do after you graduate from this program ?

Diego : To become a faculty member in a top French Business School.