The mission

The ECRICOME Ph.D UNIVERSA intends to transform rigorously-selected and diverse candidates into responsible researchers willing to continuously contribute to the development of knowledge within an international context.

Guided by the values of commitment and responsibility, the ECRICOME Ph.D UNIVERSA will then form researchers willing to pursue their careers in international universities and other research-oriented entities. Young students enable the PhD to privileges broad knowledge and diversified approaches necessary to the students to complete their own theses and to comply with academic international standards.

A PhD about management

ETUDIANTS {JPEG}Management being an applied science, for the ECRICOME PhD UNIVERSA Programme its conceptual basis ranges as wide as from philosophy and anthropology, via sociology, organizational behaviour up to economy. Cutting edge applied social sciences therefore needs adapted research approaches and methodologies. Without exclusion of any scientific approach, the ECRICOME PhD UNIVERSA Programme particularly welcomes good qualitative work, with a strong focus on field work, that can be highly experiential and could perfectly be constructivist.

The PhD Programme structure

The PhD Programme is the equivalent of 3 full-time years of study, but can be taken part-time.
Students are selected on the basis of their research proposal and from the outset have a tutor
dedicated to their research. It is this personalized and intensive relationship with the tutor (the master apprentice relationship whose success has been proven) that is the key to this Programme’s success.

The student can either choose a tutor from one of the three schools, or the ECRICOME PhD UNIVERSA Programme can help the student identify the most suitable tutor for the chosen research subject from affiliated faculty.

The Degree

The Ecricome PhD is a PhD in Management (Doctor in Philosophy in Management) delivered by each Business Schools.

The PhD Degree awarded by the Doctorate Board of the ECRICOME PhD UNIVERSA Programme is equivalent to the Doctorate Degree in most European countries (denoted Dr.).

How to obtain the Degree

The Research PhD can be obtained via three paths : a thesis, a collection of published articles, or a prototype.
The thesis may consist of :

  • an academic treatise on a specific subject
  • a number of special academic treatises, all or some of which have already been published,providing that there is clear proof of a common link to a specific subject and a clear exposition of that link in the preface
  • an experimental concept