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Quiz Anglais , questions 41 à 50 : exercices de préparation de l’épreuve écrite d’anglais du concours Prépa et littéraires


-41. Choose the correct answer. Which sentence is correct ?


-42. Which word completes this sentence correctly ?

With the change in management, the Board of Directors decided it was time for completely new _____.


-43. Looking for synonyms. Which is the odd one out and so doesn’t give the same meaning to the sentence ?

The place was chosen with care so that it was just right for the occasion.


-44. Choose the correct answer.

_____ to travel from Paris to London by train ?


-45. Find the mistake

The price of the food has risen so much that some people in the poor suburbs can no longer afford to feed their children.


-46. Choose the correct answer

It is the first time that I _____ my identity papers before entering the building to work.


-47. Choose the correct answer.

The company has many shareholders, _____ actually work in the firm.


-48. Find the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word

She will accept the promotion providing the working conditions improve.


-49. Choose the correct answer

It’s impossible, they _____all of my money, it was hidden away very carefully.


-50. Find the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word

Let’s hope that your perseverance in following this app and improving your English will lead to good results in the competitive exam. Good luck !