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Voici 10 questions de notre quiz d’anglais pour préparer votre concours d’entrée en école de commerce :

-11. Choose the correct answer

In English schools the rules are strict and school uniform _____ by all pupils.


-12. Find the mistake

Fashionable young people are always on the lookout for the last trends in clothes.


-13. Choose the correct answer

By the time the company sent out their quote, the new parts _____ from another firm and already delivered.


-14. Find the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word

The Managing director called in a consultant to help him to find the actual problems facing the company.


-15. Find the mistake

Susan, who is an excellent personal assistant, speaks German, Russian and Chinese, what is a great asset for the company.


-16. Choose the correct answer

The CEO _____ calling a meeting of all employees once a month.


-17. Find the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word

When the new Chief Financial Officer arrived he decided to ditch the old method of working.


-18. Find the mistake

His team holds it’s annual Christmas party in our restaurant on their last day before the bank holiday.


-19. Which word completes this sentence correctly ?

John is a real danger on the road, he always drives _____


-20. Looking for synonyms. Which is the odd one out and so doesn’t give the same meaning to the sentence ?

When he received the letter he was _____ and didn’t know what to make of it.